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Pine Cellar Mfg. LLC

Pine Cellar Mfg. LLC

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Pine Cellar Mfg. LLC offers complete machining services and solutions to meet our customers needs

Prototype and Short Run Machining

Pine Cellar Mfg. works with our customers to develop a product that both meets their design engineering standards and is cost effective to manufacture. 

Manual and CNC Milling and Turning

Pine Cellar Mfg.  is highly proficient with milling and turning capabilities.  We can meet your machining needs in the most cost effective and efficient manner.

Grinding and Polishing Services

When you need it ground and polished right the first time, and on time, Pine Cellar Mfg. is timely, reliable and precise.

Value Added Services

Pine Cellar Mfg. offers  heat treating, welding,  materials removal, painting, and metal fabrication services to help our customers and their projects.