W224 S8465 Industrial Ave  Big Bend, WI 53103
Pine Cellar Mfg. LLC

Pine Cellar Mfg. LLC

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Pine Cellar Mfg. LLC builds custom foundry patterns and castings for industrial and hobby applications

Industrial Patterns and Castings

Pine Cellar Mfg. combines traditional wood, metal, and plastic working skills to produce solutions for our customer.  Pine Cellar Mfg. serves most key industries  and support services such as designer, engineers, and production job shops.

Hobby and Restorative Patterns and Castings

Pine Cellar Mfg. is small enough to give your job the individual attention to detail and quality it deserves. 

Architectural and Decorative Patterns and Castings 

Pine Cellar Mfg. works with architects and designers for unique commercial and residential construction projects.